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GVB Gear Light

Product Review: Pocket Sized Daylight On-Camera w/ Built-In Battery (Model GVBPL12)

I was provided the GVB Gear Pocket Sized Light (Model GVBPL12) in exchange for a review. Please watch my video above for a how-to and review about this product.


Product Review: Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder Teeth Whitening System

You've all seen 'em... people brushing their teeth with this black gunk that apparently makes their teeth whiter. I thought to myself, what is this sorcery? Well, believe it or not, brushing your teeth with charcoal powder does make your teeth whiter! 

I was provided with a product called, Charblanco, in exchange for a video on how to use the product. I thought this would be a great opportunity to jump on the charcoal teeth brushing bandwagon and see what all the hype is about.

Charblanco an activated coconut charcoal powder teeth whitening system. It contains only five natural ingredients: (1) organic coconut activated charcoal, (2) orange seed oil, (3) sodium bicarbonate, (4) coconut oil, and (5) mint leaf. It is organic, has no additives, is made in a FDA registered facility, and guarantees a whiter smile.

It is super simple to use too! All you have to do is dampen your toothbrush, dip it in the powder, brush for a couple minutes, and rinse. You can also use your regular toothpaste following the procedure. You can use Charblanco daily, every other day, or whenever you prefer, but for optimal results it should be used consistently. You will definitely notice a whiter smile in at least one week if you use it daily. I noticed my teeth became slightly whiter even after my first use!

Please watch my video above to see exactly how to use Charblanco!


Product Review: Contact Lens Subscription Box

Do you wear contact lenses? I’ve been a daily contact lens wearer for over 10 years, and I’m sure you know how costly and inconvenient it can be. Some of us can’t even find the time to go to the optometrist to order new lenses.

I spend almost $400 a year on contact lenses, and that’s not even including the additional products I have to purchase like contact lens solution, eye drops, etc. It all adds up!

Many of us put our eyes at risk by overwearing our contact lenses and delaying going to the optometrist for a fitting and to order new lenses. These are big no-no’s we often do in order to save money. What if contact care could be cheaper and easier? Imagine receiving everything you need delivered straight to your door when you need it! 

I'd like to introduce you to Optikal… an affordable contact lens subscription box. They provided me with a 3-month supply in exchange for a review. You can subscribe to pay monthly, every 3 months, or annually. You can even choose your brand of daily, bi-weekly, or monthly contact lenses. Also, every box comes with a bonus item, from travel sized solution bottles to eye care vitamin gummies, and more.

I use bi-weekly lenses and my box includes:

3 month supply of contact lenses
Full bottle of contact lens solution
3 contact lens replacement cases
5 alcohol-free wipes to clean your hands before handling your lenses
Contact lens calendar to keep track of your lens wear
Bonus item: 2 oz travel size solution bottle

I love everything about Optikal! They make it so much more convenient to order contact lenses at an affordable price without even leaving my house. Their boxes include everything you need and more, while other contact lens subscription companies only provide the lenses alone. No more last minute pharmacy store runs when you’re out of solution! Your Optikal box will be right at your doorstep when you need it to refill your lenses and solution. I truly stand by Optikal for making your life easier and more affordable when it comes to caring for your eyes.

Visit and use promo code “Clarity2018” to receive 20% off your first month. US customers only.

London Fog

How-To Make A London Fog (Drink)

During the winter, I like to keep warm and cozy. What better way to do so than having a warm mug of something tasty! One of my favourite hot drinks to have on a cold day is a London Fog. The London Fog, also known as an Earl Grey Tea Latte, is a delicious hot tea drink which originated in Vancouver, British Columbia. Interesting fact: In Scotland, it is known as a Vancouver Fog!

Any time I would crave a London Fog--which, to be honest, is quite often-- I would go to Starbucks or Tim Hortons. Although, I'd like to add that if you want a London Fog at Timmies, you're going to have to specifically ask for an "earl grey tea with a shot of vanilla and milk" (which isn't even a true London Fog because they don't use hot steamed milk). 

I thought to myself, why not just make my own London Fog in the comfort of my own home? With that idea, I went straight to Bulk Barn and picked up some earl grey loose leaf tea. Bulk Barn is my go-to place for tea leaves, spices, candy, and baking ingredients. They have a good selection of loose tea leaves, and I prefer those over the prepackaged bags in grocery stores. 

I am super stoked about being able to make a London Fog whenever I please! What's great about this recipe is that the amount of leftover vanilla syrup makes at least 8 more servings to satisfy your London Fog cravings! Just store it in a glass container in the refrigerator, and use it over the next couple of weeks. 

To see how to make your own London Fog, please watch my video above! This is my first how-to video, and I'm very happy with how it turned out! Doing this peaked an interest in filming videos so I'm hoping to do more of these as often as I can. Till next time!


Product Review: The Water Bottle Handbag Hybrid  (Now known as Manikinn)

Ladies, if you're like me, you are not a fan of going out and carrying too many things with you. We're women, and there are certain items we need with us at all times; i.e. credit card, ID, cash, powder, lipstick, cell phone, etc. But, what about a water bottle? We've gotta keep hydrated throughout the day!

When I know I am going to be out for an extended period of time I like to make sure I have a water bottle on me. But who likes carrying around that extra weight? Not me! I'm already carrying a purse and there is usually no room in there to hold my chunky water bottle. 

As I was browsing through my Instagram feed, I stumbled upon an advertisement of the "Aquapurse". It is a water bottle and handbag hybrid. Knowing I already experienced this issue of not wanting to carry around a water bottle every time I went out, this really intrigued me. I watched the entire video ad and checked out their Instagram profile. The ad stated that they were having a 40% discount, which intrigued me even more so I proceeded to check out their website.

After reading all that I need to know about the Aquapurse, I decided to purchase one. I won't lie, the 40% discount enticed me. I don't think I would have bought it otherwise, I'm all about deals!

It arrived in the mail pretty quickly which was nice. It was well packaged too. The product is everything I thought it would be! It looks exactly like the photos on the website, and it's as useful as they say it is!

Please watch my review video above for more details about the Aquapurse (now known as the Manikinn- I'm not quite sure why they changed their name). I am happy with my purchase!